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EZ-Swivel Coupler


The EZ-Swivel PD M4 Coupler is compatible with the Airlight PLUS Mini head LED handpiece.   Warranty 12 Months Hose type ISO 9168 type 1, ISO 9168 type 3 Recommended voltage...

Airlight PLUS High Speed Handpiece LED for Swivel Coupler


Compatible with the EZ-Swivel PD M4, the new Airlight PLUS LED handpiece with triple water ports is one of the most powerful air-driven handpieces on the market, with up to...

iM3 Straight Nose Cone 1:1 (blue)


Straight Nose Cone 1:1 ratio (blue) uses HP burs for rabbit and orthopaedic work. Autoclavable.

iM3 Advantage 4:1 Straight Nose Cone


The Advantage 4:1 reduction straight nose cone reduces the speed of the low speed handpiece (motor) and accepts disposable prophy angles for polishing. The unique design means the nose cone...

iM3 Advantage LED High Speed Handpiece & Swivel


Reliable – Efficient – Precise – iM3 Advantage. The Advantage LED high speed (400,000 rpm) handpiece & swivel with inbuilt generator creates LED light in the mouth. With a colour...

Inovadent High Speed Push Button Handpiece (No Light)


Inovadent High Speed Push Button Handpiece (No Light). Push button 400,000 RPM Autoclavable

Maxso M200E Smart High Speed Handpiece (No Light)


The Maxso M200E, non-optic, single water spray with push-button chucking has stainless steel construction and a precise spray ensuring the best cooling effect. Mini Head Standard Head Warranty 12 Months...

iM3 Advantage High Speed Handpiece


The Advantage high speed (400,000 Rpm) handpiece fits any standard 4 hole connection. The Handpiece features a triple coolant outlet for optimal bur cooling using FG burs, push button operation...

iM3 1:1 LED Advantage Surgical Straight Nose Cone


The LED adavantage provides bright white LED light, illuminating the oral cavity in small rabbits and rodents. Self-generated LED white daylight, produced by the drive shaft of the low speed...

iM3 Advantage Low Speed Motor with MD-30


Advantage low speed handpiece (motor) is ergonomically designed to be more user friendly. The motor is light weight and shorter than conventional low speed motors. Maximum speed 25,000rpm, the LS...

iM3 American II High Speed Push-Button Handpiece


High speed (400,000 Rpm) handpiece fits any standard 4 hole connection. The Handpiece features a coolant outlet for bur cooling using FG burs, push button operation. Low overall weight and...

Advantage LED handpiece for Swivel Coupler


Ideal for clinics who want multiple LED handpieces. This high speed handpiece is powered by the L7400 LED swivel coupling The integration of a generator in the swivel coupling gives...

iM3 42-12 Handpiece


Handpiece compatible only for the iM3 42-12 Ultrasonic scaler.

iM3 Advantage Swivel Coupling


The Advantage LED coupling provides fatigue free working thanks to easy 360 degree rotation of the swivel. The integration of a generator in the swivel coupling powers the LED light...

Inovadent High Speed LED Handpiece


Self generating LED Compatible with any air driven machine with 4 hole connection Daylight quality bright white light Autoclavable

Inovadent Highspeed Fibre-Optic Handpiece


Provides fibre-optic lighting to working area Compatible only with fibre-optic dental machines Push button operation Autoclavable 1 year warranty on handpiece 6 month warranty on turbine

Piezo Handpiece, Bonart


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